Monday, June 1, 2009

Art Work by Lynne Hurd Bryant using her Camera Lucida

Lynne has a BFA in art, and has no problem with light, color and shading but had trouble drawing anything to her satisfaction. She found our eBay store ( after watching a National Geographic documentary, and ordered a Camera Lucida immediately. Here is her reaction to her Camera Lucida:

“I LOVE THIS THING! I am so pleased and so excited and it is like MAGIC. My grammas were artists and I am sure they would roll in their graves to know I use one, but they would love it if they were here. This will add to my art degree training and expand what I can do.

I got an opaque projector to work from photos and I am less than impressed. Part of the problem is that they are photographs. The lucida will not have this problem. If anything, it seems to increase the depth of things.

I researched online about lucidas. Yes, you can sit in front of a computer screen with a digital image and use the lucida to draw it. I tried looking at some digital images through the lucida and view is 100% better than with an opaque projector.

Also, I drew a pot outside with the right oval shape and appropriate shadow. It was effortless. Perfection!

I found the instructions useful, as far as distance and adjustments were concerned. I didn't feel lost at all and I love the results. VERY HAPPY HERE.


The girl is my daughter and it is VERY like her, an very good likeness. Keep in mind, while I have a BFA in art, I never would do a portrait in school. This of her is about 8th or 9th portrait I ever done, period.”

-Lynne Hurd Bryant

We will undated you with more of her art work as she continues to use her Camera Lucida.

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  1. Beautiful sketch, this is perfect because I also like to make those sketches but this one is perfect is totally other thing, because look at those lies on the sketch, that's perfect.