Monday, June 8, 2009

Art work with Camera Lucida by Les Bruder

Here is some art work done with the help of one of our Camera Lucidas, thoughts and a testimonial by Les Bruder. He is working on a website in which artists share their ideas, techniques etc, so that traditions can develop and veer off in creative directions. We will post a link when his site gets up and running.

Friedrich Nietzsche by Les bruder

“The Camera Lucida is suited to reducing panoramas and natural scenes to the size of a large drawing pad, and its portability makes it ideal for such image capture. You don't have to rely upon electricity as with projection systems, and the filters help one deal with all manner of natural lighting.

In my portraits and the movie screen shot [Below] I managed to use small photographs placed very near the aperture and mirror, together with a light near enough the image to allow me to view clearly the faces and figures on the paper. The enlargement of the image was about double.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Les Bruder

You really learn a lot about light and seeing when you begin to play around with such an instrument. You feel like part of the camera, in fact you are a part of the camera; the mirror reflects the image onto a surface, the artist plays the part of the developing chemicals which fix the image on the paper. Another and perhaps greater instruction one gets from using the Lucida is practice in seeing and manipulating proportion, which, as Leonardo Di Vinci said, is divine. “ –Les Bruder

Kenneth Burke by Les bruder

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