Friday, May 29, 2009

Student-reenactors at McLean High School, VA

Camera lucida in uses.

Student-reenactors at McLean HS using one of our lucidas. It was demonstrated at an outdoor event at Carlyle House in Alexandria, VA. It is the historic home of a prominent 18th c Virginian and was the site where General Braddock planned the campaign (with young Geo Washington serving under him) to Ohio in the French & Indian War. The students roamed the grounds to set the "historical atmosphere"...and the lady in the photo above showed how sketching was done in that period. It was a hit.

Their performance season is just now heating up, so we plan to use the lucida and obscura that they got from a lot. Updates will be coming!


The obscura with the silhouette we made using it. Painting five start review of our Premium Camera Lucida

Please read the Painting five start review of our Premium Camera Lucida by Marion Boddy-Evans,



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